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Clean Your Car From Top to Bottom

Bring your car to Courtland's Auto Detail for extremely thorough and careful car wash services! 

Our car washes are all done the old fashioned way – by hand! We use filtered water so there aren't any spots and wash with a PH balanced, non-phosphate/sulfate soap which contains wax so that we can lubricate the vehicle's surface better to help remove dirt easily and ensure a better rinse. We also always use hot water for our car washes because it requires less chemicals.

The interior of your vehicle will be meticulously cleaned using high powered vacuums and compressed air. All plastic, rubber, chrome and glass is cleaned and dressed and then we'll shampoo your floor mats to finish it off. Nothing is left undone – we take our time and do it right! 

Contact Courtland's Auto Detail at 818-547-9027 with any questions you have about our car wash services, or to schedule an appointment with our family-owned company!

Our Detailed Car Wash Includes:

  • Wash and blow-dry 
  • Rim, tire, and wheel well cleaning
  •  All Plastic, rubber, chrome, and glass are cleaned and dressed 
  •  All Interior vacuuming
  • Floor mat shampoo (no carpet shampooing)
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